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Wash away your sins - Book

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a5 perfect bound book, 76 pages 

‘Wash Away your sins’ in its simplest form is a man’s exploration of a colonial past, looking at the vast landscape, varying cultures and British architecture in the city of Lucknow, India. Cooper’s family has a link to this colonial past, after learning about his great grandfather having served in the city of Lucknow. Then feeling compelled to travel to this city he discovered a place well and truly affected by the Great British empire. A place being forced into industrialization at an alarmingly rapid pace, with a massive growing population, causing massive pollution, congestion and poverty. While the images tend to allude to this issues rather than just show them. The title ‘Wash away your sins’ comes from that throughout the series images of the river Gomti appear. This river has major significance through Hindu mythology. Cooper felt by trekking up this river through the city and using it throughout the series, He was cleansing the sins of some of his past colonial forefathers and trying to promote a more positive western influence on India, One of progressive thoughts but without major cultural harm."

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